Environmental Epidemiology

ISSN 2519-8289 (Online)

Dmitry Nikolaenko

Urban area in epoch of HIV/AIDS/TB epidemic.

Semantics and cartography.

Lambert Academic Publishing, Saarbrücken,

2011. 692 p. (In Russian).

The book reflects some results of original research conducted in South Africa (2004 - 2006) and Ukraine (2007 - 2011). The book written at the intersection of epidemiology, geography and cartography. The theory and methodology of scientific description of the development of noncyclic epidemic processes in urban areas is in the center of attention. The epidemic process is described in terms of a characteristic space - time - structure. The choice of countries for research is justified. Southern Africa is the region with the most severe epidemic situation in the world for HIV/AIDS and TB. The ideal country for research here is RSA with its contrasting population. It is not accidental, and Ukraine. Over the last ten years, it has produced surprisingly high rates for HIV-1 and tuberculosis incidence. Preventive measures are categorically ineffective. Scientific study of the changes local epidemic situation is not trivial. We are dealing with the fundamental scientific and mass images of the HIV/AIDS and TB epidemic. The text is written in very good Russian. The book is aimed at a wide range of reasonable readers: scientific and medical experts, all who are not indifferent to the deterioration of epidemic situation.




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